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The key to driving your success as a leader is to get the very best from the people you lead. Even the most experienced business leaders and managers fail to deliver on some very basic and powerful engagement opportunities.

This book will teach you how to do exactly that.




Your success as a leader in business depends largely on the effectiveness of the people you manage and lead.

Consistently successful managers and leaders know that the key to getting the most out of their people is to effectively engage them, motivate them and build one-on-one and group relationships that harness their efforts.

And with just a few of the right skills and tools you can make tremendous changes to how your people perform.  And willingly do what needs to be done!


Engaged team members work harder, longer and with a commitment that makes all the difference to your, and your business's, performance and results.

What about your people?

Nothing Happens Without Change!

This Book Will Show You How To:

Be a leader of influence


Connect with your people and establish and sustain meaningful engagement


Get the very best from your people and develop a team that willingly does what you need done

Be able to correct undesirable, or poor, behaviours and actions

Become a manager and leader that people WANT to work with, and for

Reduce employment and training costs by developing and retaining long-term employees and team members

Develop world’s-best leadership skills and practices

Understand why so many managers just don’t get the most out of their staff

Build a leadership action plan that you can apply immediately to change the way your people behave and act

Develop strong one-on-one professional relationships with each of your team members

Build and sustain a robust, positive team dynamic to leverage the performance of everyone you manage and lead

Ensure your people actually know what is expected of them

Know how to be the positive role model that inspires and sets the bar for how your team members behave

If you are a manager, leader or supervisor who wants to get more from your people and develop world's-best leadership skills, this will be of immense value to you.

But first...


What I share with you in my new book is exactly what I have shared and taught managers and leaders in many of Australia's largest and best-known businesses over the past twenty years.

These actions, skills and tools are working, absolutely, for managers and leaders at all levels. 


And they can work for you.


BUT, and here’s the one disclaimer that you must understand, and that is:


Nothing happens without change. 


And by change I mean you need to make some changes.


Exactly what these changes are depend on your business, your experience and your current capability and leadership and management actions. 


You will need to do some things differently and do some different things.


If you apply what I share with you, as it is appropriate for your business and you, then you will absolutely develop as a more effective leader and get your people willingly doing what needs to be done.

Exactly What You're Getting


I’ve written an 80-page book you can read in a couple of hours.


This isn’t your typical leadership book with a stack of theory that requires a deep understanding of complex and often difficult methodologies. 


My book is a no-nonsense guide to how you can immediately change the way you manage and lead your people to quickly change the way they approach their respective roles and willingly do what you need them to do.


It’s a practical, simple and effective approach to action-based leadership in business and professional services.

Includes Bonus Audio Book Version

Many of my readers have asked for an audiobook version so they can access and revisit this exclusive content while they are driving or walking.


So I am pleased to include the brand new audio version of the book at no additional cost.


When you access the ebook download you will also get access to every chapter of the book as an audio file that you can listen to with your mobile device or PC. 


Here’s just some of what you get ….

  • What I learned about the bad boss of the past and the good boss of the present

  • What you’re team expect from you, even though they probably won’t tell you

  • How nothing changes without action

  • Applying the “Why” and putting a focus on the “What” and, most importantly, the “How and When” 

  • The five steps to drive the outcomes and results you want from your staff 

  • Why Beginning With the End in Mind is a critical first step in lifting your leadership game

  • The importance of being very specific in what you want your people to do 

  • Understand the importance of measuring not just success, but genuine effort 

  • Be clear in the link between what must be done to achieve the outcomes and results you want from your people - it's not just about results 

  • Discover what it is that motivates people to do things 

  • Being sure your people actually know how to do what you want them to do

  • And ensuring they have the skills, tools and support to be able to apply the effort

  • Making the link between effective leadership and motivation and, importantly, staff retention 

  • Learning the Three Pillars of Effective Leadership and how to apply them, now 

  • Understand that it's your actions that will drive the performance and success of your team 

  • Why effective one-on-one (professional) relationships with each team member will set the baseline and tone of your leadership activity 

  • How consistent role modelling is the almost secret people influencer 

  • What building a strong team dynamic can do for your business performance 

  • How to build a leadership rhythm and action plan to immediately apply some simple changes which will deliver major changes to your team’s performance 

And much, much more…

Here's the Big Secret That's In My Book:

In business or any professional environment, the success or failure of staff is mostly the result of effective or ineffective leadership.

That’s right.  When you look at the performance, success and failures of people working in businesses you can virtually always link these directly to the effectiveness and consistency of the person who manages and leads them.

Managers and leaders have an almost unlimited power in influencing, and changing if necessary, the behaviours and actions of the people they lead.

This book will give you an insight into this “power” and start you on the journey of making some of your own changes in order to drive change in those you manage and lead.

Don’t underestimate the power of your behaviours and actions on those you manage and lead.  It’s the secret weapon many managers and leaders need to harness and apply.

Your people want to succeed…
and that’s very good for you

Everyone wants to succeed.  And your team members are no exception.

They want to do well, enjoy their job and take pride in what they do.

As a dynamic manager and leader you can make a tremendously positive impact on your people.

You can help them develop their skills and drive their performance.  They will quickly understand exactly what’s expected of them and appreciate your support as someone who genuinely wants to see them develop and succeed.

And when they are achieving and winning, so are you!

Not only will you improve the performance of your people, you’ll keep them for longer

When people are achieving, feel recognised, appreciated and rewarded for their efforts they are much more settled in their job.

And when people feel good about where they work, and who they work with and for, they want to stay in that business longer.

As a business owner, manager or leader I’m sure you’ve suffered from the “revolving door of staff” to some degree.  Its where staff come and go (leave their job) at an unacceptably high rate. 

That’s not good for business.  Its expensive, time consuming and detracts from the internal and external experience you are working to develop and maintain.

Keeping good people for longer is good for everyone.

In this book you will see how you can build a stronger and more positive professional relationship with your people.   So they stay longer, amongst other things.

Yes, this will work for you too!

Over the past twenty years or so I have not seen a business where these key leadership skills and tools do not work.

Yes, they work for anyone who leads or manages people.

And I’ve delivered, taught and coached these methods, skills and tools (amongst others) to managers, leaders and supervisors in major, medium-size and small businesses and organisations, and professions including: retailers, banks, insurance companies, funds managers, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, health funds, telcos, contact and call centres, medical companies, educators, government businesses, manufacturers, distributors, doctors, distance learning organisations, e-commerce businesses and more…

Without exception, what I share with you in my book has worked for managers and leaders in all industries and professions, large and small.

Of course, how these behaviours, skills, actions and tools “look” in each business varies, but leadership is a universal concept and these core solutions to being a highly effective leader are too.

What If This Book Is A Complete Waste?

If you’re sceptical of ANY of this at this point…  I understand.


And I’m not asking you to let your guard down.


That would be unfair given how many half-truths there are on the internet to wade through.


Instead, here’s my offer:

The Book Is FREE!

Very soon I will be charging for my 80-page book, What Effective Leaders Do.


It gives you the key steps you need to implement game-changing leadership actions in your business or role.


But right now my book is FREE.  Yes, gratis.  No charge and no strings attached.

All I ask is that you give me a little feedback on the book after you read it.

I just need to know what value it delivers for you, what you consider to be the most valuable content, and what you will change (or try) as a result of what you read - or listen to with the BONUS free audiobook.

I reckon that’s a pretty fair deal, (doesn’t get much better than FREE!) but if you don’t feel so inclined, that’s ok too.  I wish you well in your leadership efforts, enjoy the book.

Soon I will be offering my book for sale, but I would like to take your feedback before then.

But How Much Does It Cost to NOT Read It?

More than you might imagine.

Just think about how much it costs you, in time as well as money, to hire, train, develop and retain your people only to have to replace them and start again.


But perhaps even worse, your people might not be doing their job as well as they could, or as well as you want them to.


How much is this costing you in lost business, opportunity, sales, repeat business, customer relationships, referrals and morale?


And how about keeping your good staff? 


Be the leader people want to work for (and with) and they’ll stay for the long haul. 


And that’s the best outcome for you, them and your business!

Nothing Will Change If you Don’t Take Action

This FREE price tag is a test, but I’ll be charging for the book soon.


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.




You can do a few significant things differently right now by investing just a couple of hours or so to learn what the most successful managers and leaders do to get the very best from their people and improve business performance and results.

The choice is yours.


Click the button below to get your FREE early copy and bonus Audiobook of


What Effective Leaders Do


We take a hands-on
approach to bringing
leadership in business
to life.

Understanding your "Why" is important, but it's the "How" that will drive your business results.


We help leaders and
businesses understand, 
develop and implement the
actions to drive results.

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