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Free Online Program 
2 Week Leadership Blitz

 Join me in this FREE 2 week leadership blitz to develop and implement immediate changes that will improve your performance and the results of your team!

Kickstart Your Leadership Effectiveness 

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In this FREE 2 week Leadership Blitz I work with you to develop and implement your leadership changes that will make an immediate difference to your performance and the performance and results of the people you lead. 

  • No matter what business or profession you are in.

  • Reinvigorate, restart or kickstart your leadership.

  • Skills and tools you can implement immediately.

  • This is a how-to program that will deliver real results. 

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This is a unique opportunity for you to learn the skills, actions and behaviours that i have been teaching some of Australia's largest business for decades. 

What We Cover In This Program 

 There are lots of moving parts to effective leadership and
this is what we focus on in this program


Lesson 1:
Getting Started

  • Understanding leadership and management

  • How to change behaviours in your business

  • The power of mindset 

  • Your leadership inventory


Lesson 2:
The Outcomes and Results You Want

  • Understanding the difference between Inputs and Outputs

  • Team member role clarity and skills inventory 

  • What do you need your people to DO

  • Getting commitments to action


Lesson 3:
Your People's Actions

  • The 3 pillars of effective leadership 

  • One on one relationships

  • Coaching for results

  • Measuring success and effort

  • Role modeling - lead by your actions


Lesson 4:
Your Leadership Behaviours and Actions

  • Building an effective team dynamic

  • Bringing your team together

  • Right Actions X Right Frequency

  • Your leadership operating rhythm

Each video lesson is includes action steps for you to apply immediately and is accompanied by detailed downloadable leadership worksheets.

About Greg Zimbulis

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"Take this opportunity to learn the skills and techniques that I have been teaching leaders in some of Australia's largest organisations for decades"

With decades of experience working with leaders and their teams, I have dedicated myself to helping them improve performance and achieve exceptional results.

I have had the privilege of working with many of Australia's leading organisations and businesses. I have gained valuable insights and developed powerful learning techniques and skills that can be applied by leaders and managers in any business or profession.

So why am I giving this program away for free?

Good question!

I am passionate about sharing what I have learned because I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact it can have on leaders and your teams. The strategies and techniques I teach will make a real difference, if you use them, regardless of your industry, profession or leadership level. 

I have also authored a book that has received overwhelming feedback from readers. Many have expressed how simple yet impactful the concepts are, and how much of a difference they can make in becoming a more effective leader. 


By joining this free program, you will have the opportunity to benefit from my years of experience and gain access to the same powerful insights and skills that have helped countless leaders, mangers and business owners enhance their performance and achieve outstanding results.

Join the 2-week FREE Leadership Blitz now and unlock your true leadership potential!

FREE 2-Week Leadership Blitz

How it works: 

In just two weeks you'll receive four powerful leadership lessons. Each lesson gives you very specific leadership actions, skills and tools that you can apply immediately.  You can work through the lessons at your own pace. 

Each lesson includes high quality video's, downloadable comprehensive lesson by lesson program workbook and downloadable leadership tools. 

In fact, everything you need to learn, understand and apply the actions covered in this 2-week Leadership Blitz program.

  • 4 powerful content-rich video lessons 

  • Comprehensive program downloadable workbook

  • Downloaded leadership tools and checklists

  • 12 months unlimited access to program resources and updates

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Get Started NOW

Don't Miss Out on this Powerful Opportunity

It's always important to recognise the potential missed opportunities. By taking action now you can enhance your leadership effectiveness, drive results, inspire your team and achieve remarkable success. 

This will deliver valuable growth, productivity, and the chance to create a lasting impact. 

Act now to transform your leadership and unlock your true capability.

This is your chance to learn targeted skills to accelerate your leadership development and produce tangible results when you join my 2-Week Leadership Blitz program by:

  • Gaining access to invaluable insights, proven strategies, and practical tools

  • Empower yourself to elevate your performance

  • Drive exceptional outcomes through effective leadership 

Don't miss out on this powerful opportunity to revitalise your leadership, invigorate your team, and achieve remarkable success.

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