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This is a practical, no-nonsense, course with leadership skills and tools you can apply immediately.

How would you like to go beyond the 5 step guide and truly give your leadership a kickstart?
Here is your opportunity to work with me to learn how to apply key leadership skills and tools to help you become a leader who gets results!
This course will take your leadership to the next level and help you develop as a world's-best leader.
Greg Zimbulis

this course is different

The Kickstart Your Leadership Course is not your usual leadership course!


dynamic and



 In this dynamic leadership course you will discover and learn:

  • The 3 key elements critical to effective leadership

  • How to engage your team to help them deliver the results you and they are working towards

  • How to coach your team to support them in developing the skills essential to their roles

  • The key to building stronger communication with team members

  • Effective ways to deal with conflict in your team

  • Managing dysfunctional behaviours

and much more.

how is this different?

Beyond the theory, this course focuses on the "how to" of leadership.

the difference is the "how to"

That's not the only difference with this course, but it is an important distinction.

One of the things I constantly hear from the countless leaders in business I have worked with over the past 15 years is that they want more practical learning. 

That is, less theory and more of the "how to".  And that's what I've done with this course. I focus on skills and tools that can be quickly and easily applied to help you drive the results you and your team are working towards.

More practical, less theory.  That's a real difference.

what will i learn?

Learn what you need to know and master to get the best results from your people.

you will learn core leadership skills

There are some fundamental things effective leaders know and do.  And that's where this course begins.

You will discover and learn techniques to connect with your team with clarity and lead them to greater success.

From this course you will take away skills and tools that all leaders need, including coaching, feedback, goal setting, accountability, team meetings, role modelling, one on one relationship building and much more.

I've asked leaders, those new to their role, those aspiring to becomeing a leader and many experienced leadership practitioners and have built this course on the fundamentals they say are important.

With this course you will understand what it takes to build your skillset to become a world's-best leader.

what's in the course?

Exclusive content delivered in a way that makes it immediately usable.

6 modules that deliver

This Leadership Kickstart Course begins with a six module program that delivers over 20 lessons.

Each lesson includes video instruction and printable worksheets and the program features tools and action exercises that you can use as templates for implementation, straight away.

Importantly, this course is designed to have you applying the skills and tools immediatley. 

content that matters

We cover a range of topics including:

  •  What effective leaders do

  •  Connecting with your people

  •  The right leadership actions for you

  •  Role modelling to drive performance 

  •  Team/group actions and initiatives

  •  Coaching

  •  Building an action plan and your
     leadership rhthym

and a whole lot more.

video lessons & worksheets

The first part of the program is delivered over 12 weeks, with a new module every two weeks.  You can cover the program content at your own pace, there's no requirement you work to my schedule. Although, the sooner you onboard the skills and tools the sooner you will see a change in your results!

We follow these modules with regular content updates and lessons each month.

AND you will be invited to join our exclusive regular online Q&A sessions.  These are extremely valuable live sessions where you can ask any questions you have about your leadership actions and we'll discuss them and give you support and advice.

There's also the private Leadership Kickstart Facebook group for you to join and participate in the discussions.  This group is exclusively for subscribers to the Leadership Kickstart course.

who is this course for?

Leaders at any level will benefit from this dynamic course.

for any and every  leader!

The Leadership Kickstart course is designed to cater for leaders at any level.

New leaders, experienced leaders and anyone with leadership aspirations will benefit from this course.

If you are new to leadership, or developing your skills to pursue a leadership role or position, you will learn some of the key leadership fundamentals required to lead people and teams in virtually any professional environment.

And if you are a more experienced leader you may consider some of the content a refresher, but I'll guarantee you will take away some new skills and a different perspective on effective tactical leadership.

I've been delivering these skills and tools to leaders, and aspiring leaders, at all levels for 15 years and they have all benefited from this content in a variety of ways. 

This course will make a real difference!

how much does it cost?

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pre-release price

This is a limted time pre-release offer.

At just AUD$19.95 per month this is the introductoiry cost for readers of my 5 Steps to Kickstart Your Leadership.  

This monthly subscription price will not be available after we release the Leadership Kickstart Course to the general public, when it will be charged at the standard monthly price of AUD$99.75.

This discounted subscription price is available pre-release - the Leadership Kickstart Course will be begin in October 2019.

Of course you can unsubscribe at any time and not be billed further.


We take a hands-on approach to bringing leadership in business to life. 


Understanding your "Why" is important, but it's the "How" that will drive your business results.


We help leaders and businesses understand, develop and implement the actions to drive results.