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 A Six Week Program to Kickstart Your Leadership Effectiveness

In this 6 week program I work with you to develop and implement your leadership changes. 

Whatever business or profession you are in, if you lead people, this 6 week program will completely reinvigorate your leadership and give you the skills, tools and support to put in place the most effective leadership actions and rhythm for you and your business.

Beginning with a detailed analysis for us both to understand your current leadership activity, in this program we will define the outcomes you are looking for from your team, the actions and behaviours they need to change in order to achieve the outcomes and, importantly, what you need to do to drive and support these changes.

Here's How it Works

We work not only on what needs to be done but also on how to do it.  It’s a hands-on skills-based program guaranteed to change the way you lead your people.

To Begin.   Your Leadership Analysis

We begin with a review of your current leadership activity.  If you already have undertaken our 4 Step Leadership Diagnostic we will revisit it and its outcomes in greater detail.  If not, we will work through it so either way in terms of your leadership you have a clear idea of where you are now and where you need to improve or change.

You will complete the leadership questionnaire online, in your own time.  This is where you take a look at your current leadership and identify the outcomes and results you want to change. 

This exercise alone is very powerful in helping you understand what you are working towards and identifying what needs to change.

 Week 1.   The Outcomes & Results You Want

Having begun with an understanding of your current leadership actions we now take a close look at the outcomes you are looking for from your team.  Beginning with the end in mind is essential if you are to support your people in making the required changes. 

After all, if you don’t have a very clear understanding of what you want your people to achieve (outcomes and results) then how can you identify the actions and behaviours they need to focus on?  This is a critical early step and will set you up for success.

Week 2.   The Behaviours & Actions Your Team Need to Apply

Too often we think almost exclusively about results – that is, what you want to achieve. 

Having a clear understanding of the outcomes your people are working towards (as we covered in Week 1) is essential, but it’s not enough.

To be successful you and your people need to be able to identify, in considerable detail, exactly what actions and behaviours need to be applied to achieve those outcomes.  This week we break down each of your team members' actions and behaviours because it’s these actions and behaviours you will be focusing on to drive and support change and improvement with your team.

Week 3.   Your Behaviours & Actions

Now we work on you.  This week we look at the specific behaviours and actions you need to implement and focus on to effectively support and sustain your team’s and each individual’s performance.

We look at the core leadership behaviours and actions that every leader should use to effectively and consistently lead their teams and how you can apply them to your leadership.

These include a number of things you can apply right now to see immediate changes in your people.

Week 4.   Action Plan & Implementation

Nothing changes without action and it’s your actions that will drive the change in your team and your results.  This week we continue applying and developing the skills we identified last week.

We look at how to best put into practice and develop your new and changed leadership skills and behaviours.

You will set out an action plan to work to in the onboarding of new leadership skills and plan how to effectively communicate and deliver the required changes to your team. 

Week 5.   Your Leadership Rhythm

Consistency is an important factor in driving the changes you are working towards with your team and establishing your leadership rhythm is the starting point.

This week you will continue refining and delivering your new and changed leadership actions and consolidate your leadership rhythm by setting out a straightforward leadership schedule.

With a set schedule for your key leadership activities you, and your team, know what’s happening and what’s expected of them. This rhythm is dynamic, which means it’s flexible and can change.  How it evolves is entirely up to you and this week we look at the factors that will influence your developing leadership rhythm and how you can manage your team to help them get the most from your effort.

Week 6.   Review and Sustainablity

We wrap up the program by revisiting and reviewing each of the steps of previous weeks and we identify your successes and any challenges you may be facing.

This week is about understanding where you should be focusing your efforts both in the short term and also for long term sustainability of the changes you are driving.

Sustainability is the outcome of continuing effort and refinement, along with regular reviews to ensure you are taking the steps and applying the actions required to embed the changes you want.


We take a hands-on approach to bringing leadership in business
to life.

Understanding your "Why" is important, but it's the "How" that will drive your business results.


We help leaders and businesses understand, develop and implement the actions to drive results.