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Leadership Excellence

Consistently successful managers and leaders know that the key to getting the most out of the people they lead is to effectively engage them, motivate them, and build one-on-one and group relationships that harness their efforts.

Often with just a few of the right skills and tools leaders and managers can make tremendous changes to how their people perform.  And sometimes leaders need more than just a few changes - some need more comprehensive skills development.

The difference is the "how to"

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That's not the only difference with this course, but it is an important distinction.

One of the things I constantly hear from the countless leaders in business we have worked with over the past couple of decades is that they want more practical learning.

That is, less theory and more of the "how to".  And that's what we have done with this course.  We focus on skills and tools that can immediately be applied to help you drive the results you and your team are working towards.

More practical, less theory.  That's a real difference.

You will learn core leadership skills

There are fundamental things effective leaders do.  And that's where Leadership Excellence begins.

You will discover and learn techniques and skills to connect with your team wihn clarity and lead them to gear success.

From this course you will take away skills and tools all leaders need, including coaching, feedback, goal setting, accountability, team meetings, role modelling, one-on-one realationship building and much more.

By completing our Leadership Excellence program you will discover and learn:


The three key elements of effectve leadership


How to engage the people you lead to help them deliver the results you and they are working towards


How to coach your team to support each of them in developing the skills essential to their roles


How to gain commitments to action from your people


How to build a culture of accountability where your people make a genuine effort to do what they say they will do


How to structure, plan and run team and meetings that are engaging, inclusive, and drive actions - make meetings work for you!


The key to stronger communication with your team and others you influence


How to deal with conflict in your team

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Managing dysfunctional behaviour

and much more...

How do you stack up as a tactical leader?

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