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Lawyers don't go to law school to learn how to lead.

Being a good lawyer isn’t always enough.

You didn’t go to law school to learn how to lead… and in this highly competitive climate being a good lawyer isn’t always enough.

If you are in practice, then sure, you’re a good lawyer. Maybe even a great lawyer. Well done, that’s a credit to your ability, application, intelligence and effort. But you’re not on your own. I’ll bet you know plenty of other good and great lawyers.

So what is it that’s going to set you apart from your peers? Would you list leadership effectiveness as a key differentiator?

Effective leaders have a distinct advantage. Successfully engaging your team – associates, support, colleagues, partners, etc – is a key driver of business results. Your team can make the world of difference to your business results.

What are your leadership actions?

Being clear on the actions you need to take to bring your leadership to life is essential.

You have to work hard on the “What” and “How”.

Of course, as important as having objectives is, it takes action to make things happen. To quote from a recent Simon Sinek dose of inspiration:

"Words may inspire but only action creates change."

Taking the time to properly address the key actions frontline leaders should consider, and then developing the relative skills to bring their leadership to life, is a must.

For a leader in law, as in every professional services organisation, consistent effective leadership can make the difference.

If you would like to grow your frontline leadership skills with short, sharp, straightforward free leadership video tips, tools and worksheets take a look at


About the author

Greg Zimbulis has an extensive background in business development, leadership, and management across a broad range of industries. As a senior behavioural change specialist and consultant, Greg works as project director, business consultant, facilitator, coach and mentor with a wide range of organisations at all levels from frontline teams to C-level executives.


Greg works with leaders and their teams on all things that Bring Leadership to life.

He can be contacted at


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