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Why Won’t My People Sell More Product?

In virtually every hair and beauty retail business profit from product sales is a critical.

So why is it that so many salon owners say they are challenged by the willingness, or should I say lack of willingness, of their staff to actively promote product to their clients? When I ask business owners and managers in the hair and beauty business what their biggest challenge in business is, this issue is always in the “Top 5 things I wish I could change in my business”.

It’s often surprising to business owners that otherwise very capable staff, first class professionals, are either not capable, or simply don’t make the effort, to sell more (very often none) product to clients.

In my many years of working with leaders (and that includes frontline managers and owners in all types of businesses) I have learned that there are two basic factors that affect how well people do things that are required of them, and they are: Skill and Will.

If you break down the what you want your team members to do you can address all the key opportunities, issues, challenges and improvement pathways across these two areas.

Simply put, does the person you want to do something (in this case sell more product) have the required Skill to actually pursue a sale? Do they know how to open up a conversation with a client to discuss their real needs? Do they know what it is the client is looking for, what their budget range is, what they are currently using, what experience they gave had with this type of product? Knowing how to begin a client conversation around the product needs and then present an attractive and personalised so