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Knowing your WHY isn't enough!

Knowing your WHY alone won’t drive your results!

HOW you do what you need to do is too often the critical missing link in the quest for success.

The most valuable single thing leaders I work with tell me they have taken away from our time together is most often this:

“Knowing how to work out WHAT I need to do and HOW and WHEN to do it”.

In business and professional life everyone, and particularly leaders, must know what action needs to be taken and how to apply the appropriate skills and behaviours to drive results.

Understanding your WHY is important, but it’s not enough to drive change and build success. And there is far too much “noise” being made about the WHY being the secret ingredient to success.

Yes, it’s a very important starting point. There’s no shortage of material and gurus touting the significance of finding knowing your Why, and they are right, to a point. Your WHY does matter. It gives you purpose and is important to keep you focused, on track and able to better inspire others.