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Effective Leaders in Education Get Results

Effective leaders get results!

If you are a leader in education then being an effective leader is essential.

When you learned your craft did you learn how to lead people? Perhaps not surprisingly many professionals haven’t had the opportunity, or made the effort, to understand how to be an effective people leader.

No matter how good you are in your chosen field, if you are managing or leading a team, your leadership capability can make the world of difference.

Effective people leaders are better equipped to maximise the performance of their teams and drive the outcomes and results they are working towards. In any professional environment an effective leader can mean the difference between success and failure – or between surviving and thriving.

What is it you are looking for from your team? It could be being more engaged, more empathetic, more positive in their approach, more focused on what’s important, being able to better engage their students, parents and colleagues, or simply you and them having a clearer understanding of what’s required of them in their role.

Being clear on the actions you need to take to bring your leadership to life is essential.

You have to work hard on the “What” and “How”.

Of course, as important as having objectives is, it takes action to make things happen. To quote from a recent Simon Sinek dose of inspiration:

"Words may inspire but only action creates change."

Taking the time to properly address the key actions you should consider as a frontline leader in education, and then developing the appropriate skills to bring your leadership to life, is a must.

No matter what you want to see change (read: improve) in your team and each individual team member, there are some very specific leadership actions and behaviours you can apply, immediately, to move your team’s performance forward.

Consider an uncomplicated three-step approach:

  1. What outcomes or results do you want to change (or improve, or maintain)?

  2. What does your team and each individual team member need to do differently (or more effectively, or more consistently – or stop doing) to drive these outcomes?

  3. What are your leadership actions and behaviours that will bring these changes to life?

If you would like to know more about how you can apply some simple, straightforward tactical actions to your leadership, join me for a Leadership Minute. A series of short, sharp, straightforward video tips, tools and worksheets that are designed to kickstart results-focused frontline leadership activity. Activity to drive results.


About the author

Greg Zimbulis has an extensive background in business development, leadership, and management across a broad range of industries. As a senior behavioural change specialist and consultant, Greg works as project director, business consultant, facilitator, coach and mentor with a wide range of organisations at all levels from frontline teams to C-level executives.

Greg works with leaders and their teams on all things that Bring Leadership to life.

He can be contacted at

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